Welcome to The Monkey House! Home of fun and learning for your cheeky monkeys.

We believe in encouraging children’s natural instinct to play, move and have fun.

As parents we understand the importance of MOVING for physical and emotional wellbeing.

Our carefully planned programs combine age-appropriate music & drama, storytelling & art activities to engage babies, toddlers and preschoolers in movement.

We foster your child’s physical & emotional confidence, thinking &creativity and listening & communication skills.... all while having fun with their loved carer and friends!

All our group leaders are fabulous and experienced and will become loved by your child...

We are a very happy team at The Monkey House, we are all passionate and love what we do.

Which group should you start with?

Cheeky Monkey Music is where it begins!! From when they can first sit up and look around, babies will respond to the singing, puppets and instrument play in this lively session. Motivated to crawl, toddle then walk and dance with their friends, they also learn hand actions, fine motor skills and co-ordination. Not to mention a love for music! First drama skills are taught through prop play and you will be amazed how quickly they imitate the leader and older children. Ideal for 0 - 3 yrs, but all ages welcome and family groups encouraged.

Love To Move!  is perfect for our active toddlers! From around 18 months, we are ready to challenge our cheeky monkeys with some climbing equipment in our Monkey Gym. A little more  steady on their feet by then, they enjoy climbing, balancing, rolling and bouncing up and down.  In our fortnightly themed program the children will participate in a warm up and cool down session, and be guided through varied gym activities to extend their skills and confidence.Ideal for 18mths- 3yrs.

Monkey Gym is a little different!... We have added a themed story and snack time, extended the gym time and shortened the warm-up music session. This is perfect if you have siblings that would like to attend together, and for any children who are ‘on the go’. Ideal for 18mths - 4yrs.

Kinder Monkeys... There comes a time when your little toddler becomes a little more independent! They are ‘pre-schoolers’ now and ready for something different.  We have developed a program that is perfect for you – a 90 minute group where the children attend without their grown up in the room. A combination of music, dance, drama, storytelling, book-sharing (they will be able to borrow a book each week) and art. Time with experienced teachers within our small groups will help your child find confidence in themselves – still with a movement focus, but adding the literacy, communication and social skills help that children need to be ready for school. Ideal for 3.5 – 5yrs.

Feel free to contact us with any queries,  

we look forward to meeting you soon!   

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